Hi there, I wanted to share the best resources you can find out there in order to learn C programming and don’t die trying.

This is my personal opinion. Please don’t be mad at me, if you have more and/or better resources please share in the comments.


You can always watch the lectures from previous years and learn a lot of them, David (https://twitter.com/davidjmalan) is probably one of the best teachers in the world, you will understand everything. And you can find the lectures translated to several languages (On YouTube or in the CS 50 site). It won’t…

It’s a common question nowadays, most “new” developers I’ve known fear the C language like it’s this monster from your nightmares that will eat you alive and consume your soul. And yes, it probably will, but in a good way.

Bur first…

Why should I learn C?

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First, you should have knowledge of how the data you use in your programs behaves, exists, and is being used, moved, deleted by our code.

If you are working on a higher-level programming language, most of this data processing is hidden from you, you just know you have an item of x or y type, you can connect…

Hello everyone, today I want you to learn about a couple of words you can’t pronounce, but you might need to know how to use them if you are willing to become a proficient Python developer.

tlhIngan maH!

So, let’s start with *args (Yes, like a pirate speaking but with a star * in front), we use *args to yell at fellow shipmates and to declare that a function can have any number of arguments. For example. A function that multiplies all parameters, just because.

def multiplystuff(*args):
result = 1
for number in args:
result = result * number
return result


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Hi there. Wonder what decorators are and why you might need’em. Then look no more, let me try to explain in simple words what is it and how to use it practically.

What is a decorator?

I have always wondered why the term “decorator” is used to describe, well, a decorator. It doesn’t make the functions any prettier, sometimes the opposite, but hey, let’s leave that discussion to the semantic experts.

Well, a decorator is just changing the inner works of a function at runtime, that’s using program functionality as data.

Wait a minute… that’s the definition of metaprogramming

And you are right, a…

As a developer, Should you apply to a startup job or apply for a position in an established company?, Don’t worry, I’ve been there, and the answer is easy.


If you like having control of everything, you don’t like uncertainty, and you are not ready to invest a little extra time for the company, you should go with a traditional established company. On the other hand, if you like uncertainty, you like to try new things every day, and you like short term plans, a startup will be your perfect home.

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First, let's define the key aspects of each model.


Every day on the news we see there is a new big company or startup announcing that they are going remotely indefinitely. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter, Platzi, Rappi, etc. This, of course, has several implications for the companies and the employees.

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One of the most important of that implications is that the payment for the time spent sitting in a chair is over. …

Don’t be afraid, I don’t bite… that hard!

So, you have learned another high or low-level programming language, and now you want to learn Python because it’s the trend (and will be for a lot of time) or because it’s sexy, or just because you want to learn it to solve some specific problem you might have.

Switching to Python might be a herculean task or an easy one, it will be up to you, you can make this experience a nightmare or a dream. If you want the former, I’ve listed some tips I wish someone shared with me when I switched over to python.

Python doesn’t…

Carlos Cárdenas

SWE Engineer at Holberton School / Coderise. Education lead, Machine Learning, Low Level and Blockchain enthusiast. Living the dream one day at a time.

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